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Or, as Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) proclaims in this press release for the introduction of the Fair Employment Protection Act of 2016, this legislation “restores workplace protections to ensure that Americans harassed on the job by their supervisors are treated fairly and receive the justice they deserve.”

It’s all in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

***ducks Bernie Sanders paperweight***

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Number 1: Eric often resorts to click-bait headlines, especially when his wife’s only post on this blog receives lots of hits and reader accolades. And, Eric’s only accolades sound something like, “Oh, in real life you’re not as short as I thought you’d be.”

Ok, that doesn’t count as a revelation.

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Want to sit at the cool table next week at SHRM16? Well, I’ll be there. So, if you’d like the secret password or just want to meet a real blogging-employment-lawyer legend in person, email me. (Yes, I’ll have some swag).

Or, head over the EEOC’s website, print out this Sample ADA Notice for your employer-sponsored wellness program, and memorize the EEOC’s “Questions and Answers: Sample Notice for Employees Regarding Employer Wellness Programs.”

Then, while the rest of those nerds are Snapchatting about Strategizing Radical Change by Becoming a Disruptive Leader, show ’em some side eye, and bask in your ADA/GINA compliance.

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