These sample employer-wellness program notices will make you the envy of all your HR friends

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Want to sit at the cool table next week at SHRM16? Well, I’ll be there. So, if you’d like the secret password or just want to meet a real blogging-employment-lawyer legend in person, email me. (Yes, I’ll have some swag).

Or, head over the EEOC’s website, print out this Sample ADA Notice for your employer-sponsored wellness program, and memorize the EEOC’s “Questions and Answers: Sample Notice for Employees Regarding Employer Wellness Programs.”

Then, while the rest of those nerds are Snapchatting about Strategizing Radical Change by Becoming a Disruptive Leader, show ’em some side eye, and bask in your ADA/GINA compliance.

Image Credit: By Yeebeme (Tommy Hancher) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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