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It’s 2023.

When are employees going to learn that while the First Amendment does guarantee freedom of speech, there is no constitutional right to a job, and employers don’t have to tolerate employee hate speech?
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On Friday’s edition of The Employer Handbook Zoom Office Happy Hour — catch the replay here if you missed it —  we talked about 2022 changes in the law that could impact 2023 updates to your employee handbook. One talked briefly about how the pendulum at the National Labor Relations Board is swinging back toward employee rights.

What I failed to mention was that, with that shift, the Board is taking an aggressive position on how employers — union or not — may have to make employees whole for violations of the National Labor Relations Act (the “Act”). Continue reading


I’m not sure if we are still in the middle of the “Great Resignation,” the “Great Renegotiation,” or something else entirely. I am sure, however, that I could go for a great piece of coconut cream pie right now.

Additionally, I know that among life’s certainties are death, taxes, and employees complaining about their jobs. And those complaints are usually filed on social media platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Reddit.

I understand that your company may be inclined to take matters into its own hands when employees complain on social media about work by, err, “facilitating” their exit from the company. But before you hand out any pink slips, read this post. Continue reading


A little over five years ago, TikTok, the social networking platform where users post videos ranging in length from 15 seconds to three minutes, was born. Now, I know that it’s hard to keep up with technology. But if your employee handbook doesn’t specifically reference TikTok — and I’m not just talking about your social media policy — then you, or your employees, or perhaps both, are looking for trouble.

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It’s week 98 of quarantine, many of you are working from home, and the boss isn’t around.

So, you’ve got really got no excuse to miss The Employer Handbook Office Hour today on Zoom at Noon ET, for which you can still register here before it fills up. Continue reading

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