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Since taking office, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has committed to battling worker misclassification, i.e., treating employees as independent contractors. Misclassifying employees as independent contractors can deprive workers of wages and benefits and also have tax ramifications too. Continue reading


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In a landslide victory on election day — ok, a touch of politics — New Jersey voters overwhelmingly supported legalizing recreational marijuana. But where and when can you get it? (Asking for a friend).

And what does legalized recreational marijuana mean for local employers? Continue reading

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Hot on the heels of yesterday’s blog post about mandatory face coverings for customers, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has signed this Executive Order designed to protect NJ businesses’ customers and employees further.

(Technically, the EO preceded my blog post. But I’m not keeping score.) Continue reading


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On Tuesday, a prescient reader emailed me to suggest a blog topic. He wondered what the labor and employment law implications would be if a bunch of athletes refused to play a scheduled game in protest of social/racial injustice.

And then, yesterday, the Milwaukee Bucks players boycotted their game against the Orlando Magic, spawning a wave of protests across the NBA and other professional sports. Continue reading


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NBC10 Philadelphia reports here that a corrections officer inย  New Jersey mocked George Floyd’s death as protesters marched past. Jason Avant, a former wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, shared a video of it on Instagram (NSFW). Continue reading

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