I can always count on CareerBuilder to help lighten the mood around here with some good fodder for a Friday post.

Last month, CareerBuilder released the survey results from “This Year’s Most Bizarre Excuses for Being Late to Work.” Continue reading


Screenshot taken from https://news.starbucks.com/press-releases/starbucks-to-close-stores-nationwide-for-racial-bias-education-may-29

In a video posted on the company’s website, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson followed up his initial apology for last week’s incident in Philadelphia with additional details on how the company would try to avoid a similar event in the future. Continue reading


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It’s one thing to terminate an employee for complaining that she is being sexually harassed at work. But, when you (allegedly) fire her son and fiancé too without justification, that’s stone cold!

Not that Stone Cold.

But, according to the EEOC, it’s pretty darn bad. Bah Gawd! Continue reading


Screenshot taken from https://news.starbucks.com/views/a-follow-up-message-from-starbucks-ceo-in-philadelphia

Starbucks was riding a pretty good HR streak in 2018. Among other things, the coffee giant had attained 100% gender and racial equality and announced investments in paid leave. Yep, things were lookin’ really good for Starbucks.

Then, last week, things got really bad. Continue reading


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We’re gonna try a new feature here at The Employer Handbook.

It’s where I take a new U.S. Department of Labor Opinion Letter and tweak it as if someone is asking me for my opinion on the precise legal issue on which the DOL is being asked to opine, but with slightly different facts.

It can’t miss. Continue reading


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I’ll be honest. Not only am I late by a day in recognizing Equal Pay Day, but I don’t know the etiquette.

Is it “happy”?

I can’t imagine why anyone would be happy about it. Heck, I just Googled and was immediately shown “11 Gender Wage Gap Statistics That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You.Continue reading


I took this picture. Not bad, eh?

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But, it’s all good.

I am grateful to Ben Eubanks and the Northern Alabama Chapter of Society for Human Resource Management for this opportunity to debut my new and improved “My Employees Can Miss How Much Work?!? Managing the Challenges of Leave Under the FMLA and ADA?” to a fantastic audience of HR professionals in Huntsville, AL today.

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Remember that time one of your employees:

For an employee of a Virginia GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR (oops!), it resulted in her termination of employment late last year. (More on that here.)

As I say a silent prayer to the blogging gods, read on as I discuss the lawsuit the cyclist just filed against her former employer and offer some practical advice for employers. Continue reading

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”