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A white employee complains in writing that a colleague called his biracial grand-niece a “monkey” and texted him racially offensive comments about his coworkers. Within months, the employer fired the complainant.

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Yesterday, I asked, “Will your business mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for employees?

Fortunately, no one went as far into the deep end as the gentleman whom Chris Cuomo interviewed on CNN 🤯. Otherwise, the poll results were about as I expected.

Here they are:

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On Tuesday, I told you how the Department of Veterans Administration planned to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for all its employees.

Well, in today’s edition of COVID-19 safety one-upmanship, NBC News is reporting that “President Joe Biden is expected to announce [today] that federal workers will be required to be vaccinated for Covid or abide by stringent protocols, like regular testing and mask-wearing, according to administration officials.” Continue reading



Take a look at that map. If you are in an orange or red county — about 63% of the map —  those are considered areas of substantial or high transmission of the Delta variant of COVID-19. So, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommends that you wear a mask indoors in public to “maximize protection from the Delta variant and prevent possibly spreading it to others.” Continue reading


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On the heels of yesterday’s post in which I discussed the National Football League’s crackdown on COVID-19 vaccines and safety protocols, I bring you news today of vaccine mandates from the Department of Veteran Affairs, State of California, and New York City. Continue reading

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Last season, COVID-19 breakouts on several teams threatened to cancel many National Football League games. But, NFL scrambled to make it work.

However, this year, with the vaccinations widely available, the NFL will be cracking down on teams that don’t take prophylactic steps to avoid disrupting the 2021-22 season. Continue reading


Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board issued this decision in which it found that a union did not violate the National Labor Relations Act by displaying a 12-foot inflatable rat with red eyes, fangs, and claws.

You and I know him as Scabby the Rat. Not to be confused with Scabbers the Rat.

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