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Ordinarily, this is that time of year when I recycle an old Halloween post and ensure that the best blog readers in the world are prepared for the employees that exercise poor judgment when reporting to work on Halloween.

Instead, I’m building a slingshot to launch Halloween candy at socially-distanced children. (And drafting a liability waiver for youngsters who have trouble shaking off a Milky Way to the eyes).

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Hunting cabin

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Consider this simple set of facts:

  1.  Employee injures his knee;
  2.  Employee requests FMLA leave;
  3.  Employer says no because the FMLA leave would coincide with the employee’s hunting trip;
  4.  Employee takes leave anyway; and
  5.  Employer fires employee upon his return to work.

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If I’m taking the plaintiff’s deposition, and I hear these words escape his lips when describing the termination meeting with this supervisor, well, I’m not sure how I would go about maintaining my poker face. Continue reading

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Rarely — and by “rarely,” I mean usually — I’ll have an employer client ask me about countersuing an employee that has just sued the company.

First, you’re probably just throwing good money after bad. But, I generally don’t debate this with my more “principled” clients — at least the ones willing to pay me a large retainer 😉.

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