GUEST POST: Mrs. Meyer takes over The Employer Handbook


My husband asked me if I wanted to blog for him and I am really not sure why.  My days consist of hearing things like, “knock knock”, “who’s there?”, “I eat mop” over and over again, not exactly scintillating fodder for an employment law blog.

Seeing as I spend my day conversing with little people under the age of 7, I was at a loss of where to go with this.  However, as I sit here trying to think of anything I can say of interest, all I can come up with is a big thank you.

When my kids hear the word lawyer as a profession, they won’t think of it as a platform to make a joke, but rather something to be super proud of.  You see, I get to tell them that as a lawyer, their daddy helps the world be a little more fair.  Daddy helps make it clear that is not ok to be bullied.  He helps girls be treated the same as boys.  Daddy helps make sure people get paid for all the work they do, not just some of it.  He helps make sure a mommy can be able to provide food for her baby.  He helps make sure that no matter how old you are or what you look like, if you can do something, you get to do it.   When you put some of the large, big money issues that you in employment law and human resources face, into childlike terms-  the answers just seem so clear.  Be fair.  Don’t discriminate.  Every person is equal and deserving of respect.  Sometimes looking at things through the eyes of a kid is a good thing.

So for those in the field- thank you.  Thank you for making the world a little more fair.  A lot of things about the future scare me, but I have high hopes that when my kids enter the real world, many of these issues they may face will be eradicated because of people like you.

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”
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