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By any reasonable, objective measure, New Jersey was having a pretty good employee-rights run in 2018 — even by NJ standards. Continue reading

Surely, you remember the days (weeks) of horrible headlines that dogged United Airlines after the incident in which passengers filmed security dragging down the aisle a bloodied passenger who refused to give up his seat to an airline employee.

Well, United may soon be back above the fold again. And it’s for all the wrong reasons. Continue reading

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Three strikes and you’re out.

For one variety store chain accused of failing to accommodate and then firing a diabetic cashier who had to take a few bottles of orange juice from the store refrigerator to avoid seizing or passing out, well, the company swung hard!

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That’s right folks. It’s time for another edition of “Fact or Fiction” a/k/a “Quick Answers to Quick Questions” a/k/a QATQQ f/k/a “I don’t feel like writing a long blog post.” Continue reading


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Usually, after my kids go to bed is when I write my blog posts for the following day. Last night that didn’t happen. Instead, while putting my two boys to bed, I fell asleep on the spare bed in their room. #Parenting

So, I apologize for the tardy post today. Continue reading


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We’ve all been there.

You’re driving, someone cuts you off, and you give ’em a piece of your mind. Maybe even a four-letter word.

But, that’s where your bout of road rage ends.

Except, that’s not where it ended for a driver in Ohio. And he’s really regretting it. Maybe, because it cost him his business.

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In terms of workplace issues, #MeToo and sexual harassment have dominated the headlines in 2018. Most recently, John Oliver covered these subjects on his show and Jon Hyman has a robust discussion going on right now on LinkedIn in which I encourage you to weigh in.

Perhaps aspirationally, Jon wonders whether the collective spotlight on #MeToo will help end the problem.

Meanwhile, in the shadows lurk some pretty sickening instances and allegations of other forms of god-awful, in-your-face, no-doubt-about-it discrimination. Continue reading

The Washington Redskins are a bad National Football League franchise.

I’m not talking about the name of the team yet. We’ll get to that.

I’m mean last year’s 7-9 Washington Redskins. Like fans of the Dallas Cowboys, the tell-tale sign of Redskins fans is their depressing nostalgia for when the team was competitive and won a few Super Bowl rings a hecka-long time ago. Let’s face it. It’s been a dismal few decades for this poor excuse for a football team since Daniel Snyder purchased the franchise in 1999. They have just six winning seasons since then.

Another way to spot a shameless Washington Redskins fan in public is in team merch with the polarizing name and mascot. For many years, there has been controversy over the Washington Redskins name and logo. To many football fans, “Washington Redskins” just rolls off the shoulders. To others — especially Native Americans — “Washington Redskins” is considered derogatory and racist.

What happens when a Native American employee in Washington, DC is surrounded by Washington Redskins paraphernalia in the office and co-workers discussing the team at work?

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“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”