Many law blogs have lengthy disclaimers written in convoluted legalese that neither you nor I can understand. So I’ll keep The Employer Handbook disclaimer to ten short statements.

    1. The Employer Handbook is just a catchy name I thought up. Nothing on TheEmployerHandbook.com is legal advice — NOTHING!
    2. TheEmployerHandbook.com is not an advertisement for legal services.
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    4. And just so we’re clear, nothing you see, read, click, post, or do on TheEmployerHandbook.com will make you my client or a client of Pierson Ferdinand, LLP.
    5. The views expressed in each post on TheEmployerHandbook.com are those of the author; no one else’s.
    6. Feel free to click on any link you find on TheEmployerHandbook.com. Just know that I do not endorse, control, or promote third-party websites and I make no representations about their content.
    7. I’m human. I make errors. If you see one, let me know, and I’ll check it out. However, all decisions relating to content belong to me.
    8. Don’t even think about copying any of TheEmployerHandbook.com or downloading any logos or marks.
    9. If you send me something, you give me permission to use it in any which way I choose; that includes publishing it on TheEmployerHandbook.com. And I won’t be held responsible or liable for it.
    10. Think twice before sending me any information that you feel is confidential or privileged; I won’t treat it that way. See, No. 9 above.

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