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A little over five years ago, TikTok, the social networking platform where users post videos ranging in length from 15 seconds to three minutes, was born. Now, I know that it’s hard to keep up with technology. But if your employee handbook doesn’t specifically reference TikTok — and I’m not just talking about your social media policy — then you, or your employees, or perhaps both, are looking for trouble.

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It’s week 98 of quarantine, many of you are working from home, and the boss isn’t around.

So, you’ve got really got no excuse to miss The Employer Handbook Office Hour today on Zoom at Noon ET, for which you can still register here before it fills up. Continue reading

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Did I mention yesterday that, among the many topics that Dan Schwartz and I will discuss at noon on Friday’s free Zoom chat, we’ll probably touch on employee free speech? (Click here to register.)

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Often on this blog, I write about employees who lose their jobs for doing dumb stuff on social media — like the one-time Associate General Counsel and HR Director who live-streamed himself on Instagram from the Capitol riots. I’ve got slide decks full of this stuff from HR conferences I’ve presented over the years.

So, when I read that an employee of a grooming products company in England tweeted that a customer was a ‘t**t’ and a ‘f*****g w****r,’ my first impulse is to insert another PowerPoint slide.

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Remember that time in 2017 when a white nationalist march in Charlottesville turned deadly? Several participants ended up losing their jobs once exposed on social media.

Fast forward. Following Wednesday’s violent Capitol riots, a staff writer at Salon tweeted that the one-time Associate General Counsel and HR Director of a publicly-traded Texas-based insurance company, who apparently posted a video of himself on Instagram from outside the Capitol, no longer works there.

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Pretty much none of you who emailed me after yesterday’s post about state-mandated vaccines were too keen on that idea.

But, speaking of COVID-19 and safety precautions, let’s see what you think about today’s twist. Continue reading

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