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Getting in late from the Sixers/Wizards game last night — no, I didn’t dump popcorn on Russ Westbrook — I had no time to enjoy the Wednesday evening routine of a lime rickey, bubblegum cigarette, and writing the next day’s blog post.

Silver lining: I only have to spend a few minutes this morning posting a shorty about the results of yesterday’s blog poll.

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Let’s give a shout-out to my special guest, David Miklas, and to everyone who attended The Employer Handbook Zoom Office Hour this past Friday. I had a great time discussing FFCRA, OSHA, and the new CDC COVID-19 guidance.

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Often, readers of the blog will email me recent blogworthy HR news.

Occasionally, an attorney will send me a favorable decision that s/he obtained for a client on an employment law topic that may interest readers of this blog. Today, that’s what I’ve got for you — a case involving some healthcare workers who claimed that their former employer fired them for complaining that the company was not following state and local COVID-19 mandates. Continue reading


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So, did you vote in Jon Hyman’s Worst Employers of 2020 poll?

I would have voted for the company accused of having plant managers that organized a cash buy-in, winner-take-all betting pool for supervisors and managers to wager how many employees would test positive for COVID-19. Continue reading

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