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Before we see what’s in the mailbag, here’s your final reminder to register (here) for today’s free Zoom session at Noon EDT today with me and some of my friends from the EEOC. We’re going to be talking mediation, pro-tips, and the new pilot program. Continue reading

The other day, I read this story about a local attorney who appeared in court in person — even though she knew that her young son was at home with COVID-19. Her decision so inflamed the judge that he immediately closed the courtroom and had the sheriff’s deputies remove the lawyer from the courthouse.

But then the president judge then took it one step further.

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It’s one of the most common questions that I get from clients and readers. With so many employment laws out there, it’s not easy to keep track of what those laws say — let alone which ones you may have to follow. Continue reading


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Back in the early Summer of 2017, most of the experts — the pundits, if you will — were predicting that American businesses were not going to spend as much in 2018 on advice from employment law attorneys.

Then, in September 2017, along came a guy named Harvey Weinstein. Continue reading

Eric, congratulations on the new gig with Fisher — it’s FisherBroyles, right?” they said with scrunched, skeptical faces that didn’t quite match their words of encouragement.

I got a lot of that when, after 12 years at a large, traditional law firm, I catapulted to the first and largest full-service cloud-based law firm in the world.  

‘Catapulted’ is intentional. Sure, you can soar to new heights. But, the ultimate impact can be hard and messy.

So, how has the first year of practice been at FisherBroyles? Continue reading

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