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Yesterday, I read two more decisions (here and here) from federal judges evaluating mandatory vaccination policies. Both involved attempts by plaintiffs to obtain a preliminary injunction to avoid getting the jab. One involved a student at a public university; the other involved many healthcare workers at a local hospital. Neither was successful — not even close.

Here are nine reasons the lawsuits failed and why future efforts will likely be just as unsuccessful.


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If your company (regardless of employee headcount) performs work on federal government contracts, then the government has some additional information for you on mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations and masking. And I’m here to fill you in on the three high points. Continue reading

Several states and cities require that individuals wear masks in indoor public places, regardless of vaccination status. Independent of any state or local law, many businesses require the same. In either case, you’d think that not only would those rules apply to everyone, but leaders would lead by example.

Yeah, you’d think that. Continue reading


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Yesterday, my friend Jon Hyman blogged about fetal stem cells and vaccine-mandate religious exemptions.

TL;DR. Any employee that refused the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines because they contain aborted fetal cells is full of 💩. They don’t. Consequently, any religious exemption request that an employee may make on that basis is objectively wrong. Continue reading

Well, that didn’t take long. The State of Arizona has sued President Biden to stop his vaccination mandate for private employers. Head on over to The Employer Handbook YouTube channel ( for a short video update.

And while you’re there, check out the replay of “Mandatory Vaccinations At Work Just Got Real!” Shout out to Amy Epstein GluckDavid RennerSid Steinberg, Gordon Berger, and the nearly 900 people who tuned in to Zoom on Friday. We addressed everything relating to President Biden’s new vaccination/testing mandate.


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Join me, Amy Epstein GluckDavid RennerSid Steinberg, and Gordon Berger on Zoom today at Noon EDT for “Mandatory Vaccinations At Work Just Got Real!” Five employment attorneys will address everything relating to President Biden’s new vaccination/testing mandate. You can still register for the event here

We’ve already received a bunch of questions, based on which, we plan to cover the following: Continue reading


E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!! (And how ’bout ‘dem Cowboys!)

The U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has said that when an employer permits employees to telework to slow or stop the spread of COVID-19, the employer has not committed itself to automatically granting telework as a reasonable accommodation to every employee with a disability who requests to continue this arrangement as an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

But, here’s the thing. Continue reading


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Yesterday, President Biden announced that all businesses with 100+ employees will soon have to ensure that their workers are vaccinated or tested weekly. I’ve got details below and a Zoom planned for Friday, September 17, 2021, at Noon ET to get into more detail. The Zoom is free, and you can sign up here.

For now, here’s what your business needs to know. Continue reading

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