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This case involves a plaintiff who worked as a part-time bartender who worked for a bar in New Jersey. She claimed that her supervisor created a hostile work environment by calling the plaintiff names “used to describe a person with an oversized posterior.” (The court deemed it unnecessary to identify the supervisor’s “alternate names” for the plaintiff.) Continue reading


As I sit here on vacation cleaning out some of the older cases from my Google Drive, I came across this Fifth Circuit decision about which I meant to blog a while ago. It’s about a baccarat dealer who had to deal with a customer making sexually charged gestures, remarks about her appearance, and sexual propositions toward her.

No employee should have to deal with this type of behavior. But does the law recognize that customers can create a hostile work environment for one of your employees?

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Back in the Summer, during one of my rare deviations from blogging about COVID-19, I slipped in a post about a bipartisan effort in Congress to end the forced arbitration of sexual assault and sexual harassment claims.

Six months later, there are some real signs that this Bill will make it to President Biden’s desk for signature. So, if you have employees that have signed arbitration agreements, keep reading.

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After two posts (here and here), I felt like the “HR & Hip Hop” series had run its course. Peace out. Audi 5000. And then someone on LinkedIn challenged me, “Do something using the iconic Sir Mix-a-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’ and show if you can earn some real street cred yo.” Continue reading

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