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One word explains why the Supreme Court allowed the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services to require the staff of twenty-one types of Medicare and Medicaid healthcare providers to be fully vaccinated (the “CMS Mandate“), while it stayed the OSHA vaccine-or-test mandate. Continue reading

US Supreme Court

Photo by Mr. Kjetil Ree., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday was an “opinion day” at the Supreme Court. And, at 10 AM, as expected, the Supreme Court issued an opinion.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t in the OSHA vax-or-test Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) case. Continue reading

Eventually **clicks refresh again on the Supreme Court’s website**, yes, eventually, the Supreme Court is going to decide whether to stay OSHA’s vax-or-test mandate a/k/a the Emergency Temporary Standard a/k/a the ETS.

If the Supreme Court enters a stay, that means the ETS is dead, right?

Well, maybe not everywhere–especially if your state has an OSHA-approved state plan.

Continue reading

Covid19 Antigen Rapid Test Diagnostic (50688135107)

dronepicr, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

We still don’t know **clicks refresh on the Supreme Court’s website** whether the OSHA vax-or-test mandate will survive Supreme Court scrutiny.

But, in the meantime, the Biden Administration announced some big news yesterday about at-home COVID-19 tests. Continue reading

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