POLL: Does your business have a COVID-19 policy?


The other day, a partner asked me about COVID-19 policies and how clients may still implement them.

Candidly, it wasn’t something I’d thought about for a while.

Heck, I had to dust one off to remember all of the minutiae about vaccines, CDC guidelines, etc. There are a few states or localities, like Philadelphia, that still require COVID-19 sick leave. So, you’d want a policy for that.

Other states ban vaccine mandates in some form and won’t allow certain employers to request proof of vaccination. This website purports to track this information. But, with less than 10% of US adults receiving the latest COVID-19 booster, how many businesses would actually enforce a mandate or request proof of vaccination?

Still, employees who test positive or have symptoms should know when to test and isolate so as not to infect coworkers. But does that require a standalone policy? Or is a general “don’t come to work if you are feeling sick” email good enough?

What are your employers doing? Take this one-minute survey, and I’ll share the results next week.

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