The U.S. Department of Labor could have rested on its overtime-rule laurels in 2020. Instead, the DOL has wasted little time releasing three new opinion letters in 2020. I’ll break them down for you below.

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Last Summer, the National Labor Relations Board asked the public to help it decide when employees should be allowed to make racist or sexist comments at work.

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Practicing employment law in the State of New Jersey is both a blessing and a curse. I’ll clarify that. It’s great for me because New Jersey passes new employment laws faster than Joey Chestnut eats Nathan’s Hot Dogs on the Fourth of July. So, rather than put off installing the 24-carat gold retractable Bloggerdome roof until the Fall, we’re moving up construction to the Spring.

It’s not so good for you — and by ‘you,’ I mean those of you that don’t employ anyone in the Garden State — because I keep blogging about these new laws.

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“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”