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Last week, I participated in a webinar called “Labor Relations in Times of Pandemic.” Among other things, we discussed how COVID-19 and the corresponding need for workplace safety and other employee protections could lead to a spike in unionizing efforts. Continue reading

Last Summer, the National Labor Relations Board asked the public to help it decide when employees should be allowed to make racist or sexist comments at work.

I would have assumed that the answer is, you know, “never.” But, then again, I don’t make the rules. Continue reading

“So, Meyer thinks his organized-labor blog posts go over like wet farts, does he? Fam, let’s announce one — no, TWO HUGE DECISIONS in one day, and we’ll see how he gets around writing about them. That blogger nerd!” — National Labor Relations Board Chairman John F. Ring, probably.

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At first glance, this recent National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Advice Memorandum, with all its redactions and such, seems hardly worth the trouble to parse through.

But, that’s why they pay me the big bucks bupkis to blog and try to make something out of nothing. And I’ve done just that for you today. Continue reading


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Yesterday, the National Labor Relations Board announced here that it wants your input — actually your lawyers will have to submit a brief — “on whether the Board should reconsider its standards for profane outbursts and offensive statements of a racial or sexual nature.” Continue reading

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By National Labor Relations Board –, Public Domain, Link

Just because you say that an employee is an independent contractor doesn’t make it so. Many companies have found that out the hard way when the U.S. Department of Labor comes knocking for a wage and hour audit.

But, could this misclassification also be an unfair labor practice under the National Labor Relations Act? Continue reading

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