Hey, they never said we couldn’t post TikToks transporting the dead bodies


Well, that’s not exactly what your employees should think if you operate a mortuary transport service.

But, Fox5 in Las Vegas ran this story about a mortuary transporter who was recording the transport of dead bodies to several funeral homes and crematories throughout the Las Vegas valley and then posting those videos on TikTok.

Good thing no one’s into that kind of thing.

**checks notes**

The employee told Fox5 that this TikTok follower count grew from about 100 to thousands overnight once he posted the first video with a decedent. He now has over 30,000 followers.

Does he live stream? Of course, he does.

“My first live video, I had almost 12,000 views, and I probably made $2,200,” the employee said.

Yeah, but what about your job? Weren’t you worried about what your bosses might think?

“When I first got hired with the company there was a policy form there, but it didn’t say anything about no phones, no social media, no posting,” the employee told Fox5.

The employee also told Fox5 that he doesn’t get nightmares from working with dead bodies. However, I can imagine that the business owners lost plenty of sleep over this fiasco.

But don’t worry. The company learned its lesson.

“This behavior was immoral and reprehensible, and it does not reflect the core principles of [our business] or any of the Las Vegas Funeral Homes,” the business owners told Fox5. “Moving forward, our Employment Contract will have updated detailed information on this issue. Training will include specific details about pictures-videos-and the internet.”

Good idea.

As I said earlier this year, it’s 2022—time for an employee handbook update.

Start by adding the word “TikTok.”

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