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In what I hope does not become a weekly feature here at The Employer Handbook, it’s time to update the readers on some new laws that NJ Governor Phil Murphy signed last week. Continue reading


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Practicing employment law in the State of New Jersey is both a blessing and a curse. I’ll clarify that. It’s great for me because New Jersey passes new employment laws faster than Joey Chestnut eats Nathan’s Hot Dogs on the Fourth of July. So, rather than put off installing the 24-carat gold retractable Bloggerdome roof until the Fall, we’re moving up construction to the Spring.

It’s not so good for you — and by ‘you,’ I mean those of you that don’t employ anyone in the Garden State — because I keep blogging about these new laws.

And today is no different. Continue reading

You’ve been here before.

One of your employees just complained about discrimination in the workplace. Or maybe s/he just participated in an HR investigation. A few days or weeks later, s/he violates your work rules and you have clear grounds to fire the employee.

Now you have a conundrum. Do you fire the employee and risk the retaliation claim? Or do you give the employee a pass?
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If you’re old enough, maybe you remember this Miller Lite commercial from the 1970s where Steve “The Miz” Mizerak was just showing off at a billiards table, working up a thirst for his adult beverage of choice: Miller Lite.

Last week, the State of New Jersey passed yet another workplace law. This time, it’s this measure to protect against what’s being dubbed “wage theft.”

I’d say get NJ a glass of something cold, but at the rate at which the Garden State is passing new employment laws, they’d just say, “Hold my drink.” Continue reading

The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.

Well, it may not be the first rule in New Jersey workplaces – we’ve got plenty of those and many more added in the past 12 months – but the most recent rule in New Jersey: you don’t talk about salary history when interviewing job candidates. Continue reading

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