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As I’m typing this blog post at 10:56 PM on Monday, the Senate has voted 52-48 to confirm Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. The vote was along party lines with all Republicans, except Susan Collins (ME-R), voting in favor of Justice Barrett. Justice Barrett has taken the constitutional oath from Justice Thomas. All that remains in the judicial oath, which Chief Justice Roberts will administer today.

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Ordinarily, this is that time of year when I recycle an old Halloween post and ensure that the best blog readers in the world are prepared for the employees that exercise poor judgment when reporting to work on Halloween.

Instead, I’m building a slingshot to launch Halloween candy at socially-distanced children. (And drafting a liability waiver for youngsters who have trouble shaking off a Milky Way to the eyes).

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Yesterday, a Pennsylvania federal judge issued this 66-page blockbuster decision, in which he concluded, among other things, that Governor Wolf violated the United States Constitution with orders closing “non-life-sustaining” businesses otherwise and directing Pennsylvanians to stay at home.

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The other day, I read this story about a local attorney who appeared in court in person — even though she knew that her young son was at home with COVID-19. Her decision so inflamed the judge that he immediately closed the courtroom and had the sheriff’s deputies remove the lawyer from the courthouse.

But then the president judge then took it one step further.

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