Another EEO-1 Limerick

Bloggerdome entry: 19 Aug 2021, 11:05 PM. 

I knew it was a mistake to indulge in that second growler of Rosé.

But, then again, nothing else pairs so well with smoked duck and scrapple lardons. Perhaps another souffle?

No, it’s getting late and I must create a blog post for tomorrow that’s not only informative but also upholds the high standards to which ***belch*** my loyal readers have become so accustomed.

Oooh! How about another HR limerick? Educational and refined.

They love that crap.

“Siri, I need two words that rhyme with narcissism and another that sounds like ‘self-aware’.”

Fine, I’ll go it alone.

Monday is the EEO-1 deadline

But, this weekend your plans were for red wine sunshine

If there was only a way

For a filing delay

There is! File by October 25 and you’ll be fine

That’s right, folks. The EEOC has, once again, extended the deadline to file EEO-1 reports.

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