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A couple of years ago, I blogged (here) about a company that installed spyware to monitor an employee’s Facebook Messenger activity, discovered a nefarious plot to secure client information and intellectual property, and obtained an injunction to stop the employee from starting a competing business.

But there are legal limits to employer sh*tbaggery surreptitiously monitoring employee communications. Continue reading


People sometimes ask me, “Eric, where do you get all your blog content from?” Often, like today, other blogs inspire me. So, with a big tip of the cap to Evan Brown and his post here at, let’s talk about what you can’t do if you suspect that a former employee has misappropriated your trade secrets. Continue reading

“So, Meyer thinks his organized-labor blog posts go over like wet farts, does he? Fam, let’s announce one — no, TWO HUGE DECISIONS in one day, and we’ll see how he gets around writing about them. That blogger nerd!” — National Labor Relations Board Chairman John F. Ring, probably.

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It’s Cyber Monday. And, since you could’ve rested your deal-finding, typing fingers anywhere. I appreciate that you’re resting them with me before rejoining the masses for some holiday shopping online.

Unfortunately, if you came here looking for links to big savings, I can’t help you. But, what I can do for you on this Cyber Monday is offer your business some different cyber tips. It’s the type of information that could save you thousands, or even millions of dollars if your business stores employee data electronically. Continue reading

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