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I still don’t regret buying this Krusty The Clown buff. Not one bit.

On Monday, I’ll give you a thorough breakdown of yesterday’s CDC guidance for fully vaccinated individuals, including some initial thoughts on how to revise return-to-work/COVID-19 workplace policies.

But now I want to pick up where I left off yesterday with two more tips to combat Family and Medical Leave Act abuse. Continue reading

Shout out to the White House for providing plenty of blog fodder this week. On Tuesday, I told you about President Biden’s plan to unionize, like, everyone. Yesterday, the White House ordered that federal contractors soon pay a $15/hour minimum wage. I had planned to blog about that today, except the hits just keep on coming.

So, today, it’s paid family leave! Continue reading

Yesterday, I told you that a man couldn’t bring a pregnancy bias claim under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. But, a bunch of you actual and aspiring employee-rights attorneys had ideas to prove me wrong.

You…you’ve got a gift, my friend. Continue reading

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