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In a video posted on the company’s website, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson followed up his initial apology for last week’s incident in Philadelphia with additional details on how the company would try to avoid a similar event in the future. Continue reading


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Starbucks was riding a pretty good HR streak in 2018. Among other things, the coffee giant had attained 100% gender and racial equality and announced investments in paid leave. Yep, things were lookin’ really good for Starbucks.

Then, last week, things got really bad. Continue reading

In an antique shop window

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Even if you operate an antique shop, this sign is not a good look for your business.

So, as you can imagine, the State of Illinois wasn’t too cool with one of its local employment agencies taking out an advertisement in a local publication in which it sought “Lots of Mexicans” “Honest and sincere (provide the best Mexicans).” Continue reading

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This post doesn’t deliver as much earth-shattering HR compliance as it does clickbait. But, since you’re here, hang out for a bit why don’t you?

(Ok, I’ve got a few tips for you at the end.) Continue reading


When this happened, you knew that I had to do some celebrating. Twice.

So, the fam and braved the long lines (during which my young children got quite a vocabulary lesson) and headed into Philadelphia on Thursday for the Philadelphia Eagles parade. Just us and a few million strangers.

But, football season is over. I’ve caught my breath. I’m back in employment lawyer blogger mode with a 3-in-1 post today. Continue reading


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Most discrimination lawsuits involve a single, individual plaintiff and, on the other side of the “v,” a company as the sole defendant.  But, sometimes, that plaintiff will name additional individual defendants too, such as a manager, supervisor, or even someone from Human Resources.

When that happens, what are the chances that the individual will end up legally responsible with the plaintiff prevails at trial?

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The Evil HR Lady, Suzanne Lucas, beat me to it.

On Tuesday, Suzanne wrote here about a volunteer firefighter, who is white. And that white firefighter brought a watermelon to the fire station as a gift for his co-workers. According to this Fox 2 report, 90 percent of his co-workers are black.

This may not end well. Continue reading

“Doing What’s Right – Not Just What’s Legal”