Imagine arriving at work in the morning to the red light indicator on your desk phone. So, you pick up the handset, punch in a few numbers, and are greeted with a voicemail from your President. She’d like you to ask the employment lawyer whether it’s “legal” to pose an ultimatum to two company managers: Stop cohabitating with each other’s spouse, or find another job.  

Could something like that really happen? Of course, it could. Because, employment law.

Or maybe…

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Skyline of Times Square

Last week, the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission made headlines by filing its first lawsuits against private-sector businesses challenging sexual orientation discrimination as sex discrimination.

Meanwhile, yesterday, another federal court in Christiansen v. Omnicom Group, Inc. (opinion here) concluded just the opposite: sexual orientation discrimination is “reprehensible,” but does not violate Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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Don’t answer that.

Instead, picture this: A well-dressed guy saunters into the Washington Renaissance. Don’t worry, before next week, I’ll wash the stains out of my Metallica hoodie. Ok, Ratt hoodie. Ok, N’ Sync hoodie. Ok, N’ Sync sleeveless hoodie.

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