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Scabby the Rat, the infamous union picket line protest symbol, fears no cat — especially not this one. Scabby feared no man either, except for Peter Robb, the former General Counsel of the National Labor Relations Board.

GC Robb, you see, was on a mission to deflate and exterminate ‘Ol Scabby for good. Continue reading

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Last week, both the House and the Senate re-introduced two pieces of prior legislation. One would overhaul federal labor law — oh, is that all? The second is a new(ish) paid family leave bill that never made it to the President’s desk for signature.

But, this time around, with the Democrats seemingly in control of the House and the Senate –and a Democrat in the Oval Office — might these bills become laws? Continue reading

On Monday, I blogged about President Biden’s first HR-compliance wish list, which focused on COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

On Wednesday, President Biden was sworn in. And, folks, he wasted no time making moves that will impact labor and employment law. Continue reading

Once the networks called the presidential election for Joe Biden over the weekend, something dawned on me. Maybe, I should write about how the new administration may impact employment law.

I mean, what other employment lawyer/blogger would think to do that? Dibs! Continue reading


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He called him an “***hole” and “stupid” too. Then, he told the owner that nobody liked him, everyone talked about him behind his back, and even threatened that the owner would regret firing him if he did.

Sure enough, the company violated the law when it fired him. Seriously. Continue reading

Last week, I participated in a webinar called “Labor Relations in Times of Pandemic.” Among other things, we discussed how COVID-19 and the corresponding need for workplace safety and other employee protections could lead to a spike in unionizing efforts. Continue reading

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