Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too.


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Just wash your hands first and stay away from my cake.

Dibs on the cherry eyes!

I closed yesterday’s blog post asking for reader feedback. Specifically, I wanted to know if you would like me to host another Facebook Live chat focused on FFCRA and other national COVID-19 issues. Or should I keep it local with a PA/NJ-centric Zoom chat?

That’s when I knew I should duck, err, get down, err, you know what I mean.

Who would’ve guessed that HR professionals could be so passive-aggressive? (Don’t answer that.)

Well, it wasn’t that bad. Although, I did lament over what to do. Because no matter which way I went, I’d be letting some people down.

So, I considered my options:

  • We could vote online, an homage to both democracy and social distancing.
  • I could start a GoFundMe and accept bribes persuasive donations, which may be in poor taste. (Unless you think it isn’t; I can be persuaded.)
  • Or I could just take one for the team.

Hence the title of this blog post.

So, on Thursday at 2 PM EDT, join me and my special guest, Amy Vazquez, Director, Legal Content at Employers Association of NJ on Zoom. We’ll explore all of the recent COVID-19 workplace guidance from New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Click here to join us. And if you have a question, ask away!

Then, on Friday at Noon EDT, I’ll be back at The Employer Handbook Facebook page for a Facebook Live chat to discuss everything Coronavirus and employment-related that’s not NJ or PA. You can submit questions by clicking here.

And tomorrow, well, I’m volunteering as an EEOC mediator — something I’ve done for the past decade or so — so we can’t chat. But, I will have another blog post — possibly about something other than COVID-19. Perhaps something Supreme Court-related to employment law.

Yes, that still happens, you know.

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