REMINDER: Facebook Live and Zoom chat today at Noon Eastern. Here’s what to expect…


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To be honest, I expected that if I ever made the marquee, it would be for other reasons. Like being an animated co-star in a reboot of The Simpsons Movie.

But, I’m a little punchy from reading literally 500-1000 reader questions for today’s chat, so I’ll take what I can get.

And here’s what you’ll get:

Today at Noon Eastern, I will host a chat on both Facebook Live and Zoom.

  • Click here to participate on Zoom.
    • You do not need to pre-register.
    • However, Zoom will be audio-only.
    • There are no slides.
    • Space is limited to 100 people.
    • Also, if you participate on Zoom, PLEASE DO NO SHARE YOUR DESKTOP. Got it? Good.
  • Click here to join us on Facebook Live.
    • Once again, you don’t need to register.
    • Facebook Live will have live video.
    • There are no slides.
    • Space is unlimited. So invite all your cool HR friends.

Unfortunately, I’m going to serve as my own IT department. So, if you have tech support questions, that ain’t me. Hopefully, some of the other participants can help you out. I do know that Zoom is supposed to cut off after 40 minutes; although, Zoom let us go into overtime when we did this on Tuesday. But, maybe head over to Facebook Live instead just to be safe.

I’m thinking we go for at least 40 minutes, maybe an hour or so depending on how I’m feeling. I’ve been drinking from a fire hose all week, so what’s an extra 20 minutes gonna matter anyway.

Here’s what I plan to cover:

  • A summary of the paid sick leave and emergency FMLA provisions of the Families First Coronavirus Response Act;
  • The recent EEOC ADA/COVID-19 guidance;
  • The DOL’s FMLA/FLSA/COVID-19 guidance; and
  • A bunch of your questions — even some of the, err, less-than-excellent questions.

So, yeah, maybe we go a little longer than an hour. We’ll see.

If you miss the chat, or have to bug out early, don’t worry! I’m recording both the video and the audio, and I will email links on Monday.

And before I say, see you at noon, I want to thank all of you for your tireless efforts at work on the front line during the most trying times that I can recall as a working professional. Most companies are making tough decisions that impact tens, hundreds, or thousands of employees and their families. Therefore, now more than ever, the title “Human Resources” really means something. Thank you for your support.

I’ll help you to stay educated. Please remain compassionate, stay strong, and I wish you and yours good health.

Ok, see you at noon.

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