Okay, back to #CoronavirusHR. We have a new law — yes LAW — the EEOC weighs in, and we’re chatting on Friday at noon!


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Eric, so, what exactly just happened?”

I know it’s confusing.

You’ve been inundated with blog posts, articles, and whatnot about a House bill called the Families First Coronavirus Response Act that the House changed a few times before sending it to the Senate. Then, the Senate almost changed it once on Tuesday and twice on Wednesday.

But, it is official. Ultimately, the Senate passed this version of the bill by a 90-8 margin. And President Trump has announced that he will sign it signed the bill into law as I’m typing out this blog post on Wednesday night.

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act takes effect in 15 days. Actually, 14 days from when you start reading this on Thursday.

So, do you and your business need some help deciphering the 112 pages of legalese, like this lovely:


I got you, fam.

Friday at noon Eastern, I’ll be back on Facebook Live (here) and Zoom (here, limited space available) to help you decipher this bill that will soon become law.

As we did last time, if you have any questions, email them to me today. Not only do I hope to answer them for you, but I’ll try and do so without saying, “it depends,” which we all know is impossible since I’m a lawyer. Also, we’re not creating attorney-client privilege, you and I. And I’m not providing specific advice, legal or otherwise.

I also want to spend a little time on Friday getting back to basics. For example, even though the Families First Coronavirus Response Act wound up with a watered-down Coronavirus-FMLA enhancement, don’t forget that regular ‘ol leave for Family and Medical Leave Act could also come into play for COVID-19 — even for companies with more than 500 employees.

Plus, you’ve got:

Yes, I’m here to help.

Class will be in session on Friday at noon Eastern on Facebook Live (here) and Zoom (here). We had a few hundred people last time. How about a few thousand this time? Tell a friend and email me your ‘hypothetical questions for a friend’ today. I’ll do my best to cover them on Friday.

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