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Back in March, when I debated going on the lam after some completely innocent child labor wage-and-hour shenanigans, the United States Department of Labor announced that it was going to work on a new rule to clarify how companies calculate overtime for employees.

Yesterday, in a low-key announcement at which I did not cut the ribbon, the DOL announced a final rule that will allow employers to more easily offer perks and benefits to their employees. Continue reading


After a Harry Potter tour behind-the-scenes, some additional London sightseeing, and a Premier League game, the Meyers have made it back to the United States. Unfortunately, since my body is still on Greenwich Mean Time, I’m typing this post at 5:30 in the morning local time.

But, hey, my four kids survived two cross-Atlantic flights and didn’t otherwise get us banned from the UK. So, it’s all good.

Continue reading


At first glance, this recent National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Advice Memorandum, with all its redactions and such, seems hardly worth the trouble to parse through.

But, that’s why they pay me the big bucks bupkis to blog and try to make something out of nothing. And I’ve done just that for you today. Continue reading

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