An HR guide to the workplace implications of Hurricane Sandy

I’m punching out this post on Sunday night, from my home in Philadelphia, before the brunt of Hurricane Sandy strikes. Like many of you, I’m locked, stocked, and ready to go, hoping that the impact is far less than is forecasted and the recovery is easy.

Inevitably, however, for you good folks — especially if you have closed shop on Monday, employment issues are sure to arise. To help you out with some of them, read on past the jump…

* * *

Do you have exempt employees? Non-exempt employees? You have employees, right? Kara M. Maciel at the Wage and Hour Defense Blog breaks down the wage-and-hour implications for employers resulting from Hurricane Sandy. Jonathan Segal too has some wage-and-hour tips here. And the Department of Labor has a fact sheet that employers should be sure to review.

In addition to its FLSA fact sheet, the Department of Labor also has an OSHA Flood Preparedness and Recovery resource. Jeff Nowak at FMLA Insights discusses FMLA eligibility in the midst of a natural disaster. And SHRM has this article, which basically hits all of the other employment-law issues that arise from a natural disaster. Plus, Fisher and Phillips has a solid FAQ relating to natural disasters.

Hope these resources prove helpful. For now, stay dry and, above all, stay safe.

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