Last night, President Trump signed the COVID-19 stimulus package into law after all.


Image by ahmad triyawan from Pixabay

I love my blog readers, but clients get the concierge treatment with daily blog posts and weekly email updates. Last night’s client email update included the news that President Trump had just signed the legislation about which I blogged here and here last week.

I felt pretty good about myself being Johnny on the spot (not the toilet, but the messenger of timely news). Except, within about five seconds after I clicked send on my email, I received a steady stream of out-of-office messages. So, that got me thinking about whether I should bother to blog this week.

But here I am.

For today, I’ll merely update last week’s posts about the stimulus package with this nice summary from SHRM. And I’ll continue to blog this week for the few who may wish to read some more posts in 2020.

Heck, I’ll do one better.

Who is up for one more “The Employer Handbook Office Hours” Zoom session this week? I’m thinking Wednesday at noon EST if we have enough people interested in attending. If that sounds good to you email me. (My hand is, like, halfway up; I could really go either way on this.)

If I get enough interest, I’ll include a registration link in tomorrow’s blog post.


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