I can’t believe you missed these workplace blockbusters, you guys!


Translation: Recent HR / employment law developments that Meyer missed a/k/a Meyer needs to clear out his folder of bookmarked employment-law items to make room for his dork dorkier Fantasy Baseball bookmarks. Pitchers and catchers report in just over two months.

  1. More courts weigh in on social-media discovery issues. “Good news. My doctor says that the itching and redness should subside in a few days.” Recent court decisions (here and here) roadmap how you can access this and other Facebook status updates from your former employee who is now suing you. Have fun with that.
  2. Other social-media-related litigation. A firefighter, allegedly terminated for critical Facebook comments, has settled his wrongful discharge claim (here). Facebook posts doom another employee’s FMLA claims (here). The National Labor Relations Board crapped all over another employer’s social-media policy (here). Choking back laughter (at least that’s how I envision it), a Massachusetts Court denied another (the first ever?) hair salon’s claim that a former stylist’s job posting on Facebook violated a non-solicitation agreement agreement (here).
  3. New study released on how companies are addressing employee social media use. Hey, as long as no one cuts me off from The Superficial, it’s all good. Wait, that’s not in the Proskauer report (here), is it?
  4. And in non-social-media-related news, the EEOC releases its Performance and Accountability Report. You can either spend hours reading it (here), or, like me, just use Stephanie Thomas’s killer infographic (here). Stephanie – You need to show me how to make those things! Love it!
  5. Got questions about ADA confidentiality (who doesn’t)? The Seventh Circuit has answers (here). 

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