Very special FMLA/ADA greetings from Huntsville, Alabama


I took this picture. Not bad, eh?

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But, it’s all good.

I am grateful to Ben Eubanks and the Northern Alabama Chapter of Society for Human Resource Management for this opportunity to debut my new and improved “My Employees Can Miss How Much Work?!? Managing the Challenges of Leave Under the FMLA and ADA?” to a fantastic audience of HR professionals in Huntsville, AL today.

The reboot features Breaking Bad’s Gustavo Fring in an anti-harassment training video, The Fonz jumping the shark, and this photo.

What could possibly go wrong?

I mean, besides everything.

Actually, my glass is half full.

To wit, I set the “Alabama bar” way low back in college when I drew the short straw and, consequently, the midnight shift dring back to school in the northeast from Mardi Gras.

Picture this: three college students in a Ford Probe, one passed out in the back, me driving, and my navigator (remember this is the days of MapQuest printouts) “realizing” that someone had slipped mushrooms (not Shitake) into his beer.

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to making new memories — good ones! — in Alabama.

If you’d like to be there in spirit with me — at NASHRM, not in a Ford Probe — I’ll hook you up with a copy of my FMLA/ADA slide deck. Just email me, and I’ll email you back a copy of the slides when I get back to Philadelphia.

Yes, I’m flying. I’ve matured since college.


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