Five employment cases blowing up my DropBox and Pocket

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You know, being a client of the Blogger King has its perks. (That’s me. I’m the Blogger King). When I’m not litigating and counseling on employment-related issues, I’m taking blog post requests and emailing weekly updates of HR goodies that don’t make it onto the blog.

But, with my DropBox and Pocket chock full of recent cases, I’ll summarize the recent biggies.

With a tip of the hat to EEOC Commissioner Chai Feldblum and EEOC General Counsel P. David Lopez, I bring you the EEOC’s important Amicus Brief filed in Burrows v. College of Central Florida.  The EEOC is arguing that sexual orientation discrimination is a form of sex discrimination. You can read more about the brief and the case in Chris Geidner’s piece for Buzzfeed.

Then, there’s this report from Jane M. Von Bergen at the Philadelphia Inquirer about a local company, which allegedly failed to compensate employees for bathroom breaks, and now faces a stiff penalty of $1.75 million!

And speaking of wage and hour, over at the Wage & Hour Law Update, there’s this post detailing a recent federal court ruling in favor of a law firm and against one of its contract attorneys. The contract attorney sought overtime pay for hours spent on document review. Except, it seems that even document review “involve[s] the type of professional judgment necessary to be engaged in the practice of law.” Thus, the professional exemption for lawyers applies.

What else do I have? How about this complaint filed last month in NJ State Court, in which two employees who refused company-administered flu shots and were allegedly required to wear masks, claim religious discrimination, retaliation, and whistleblower violations. I may revisit this case in a future blog post. For now, you can read more about this case in Mark Mueller’s report on

And, finally, without commentary, I’ll just leave this one right here.

Enjoy your Thursday.

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