Brand new DOL guidance and the rest of what’s on tap for today’s “Zoom Office Hour” at Noon EST

I won’t judge you if you don’t judge me. 🤐

Although I won’t provide drinks for everyone, I will be serving up knowledge – ba dum bum – today at noon eastern on Zoom for the final 2020 edition of The Employer Handbook Office Hours.

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Oh, did I mention that I’ll be joined by my fab employment law partner, Amy Epstein Gluck?

Among other things, we plan to cover two new U.S. Department of Labor Field Assistance Bulletins released yesterday supporting remote workplace flexibilities. One addresses electronic posting of workplace notices (think: FLSA and FMLA), and the other one confirms whether telemedicine counts as “treatment” for FMLA purposes.

Only a true HR geek would geek out of this stuff. Right, geek?

Hey, speaking of remote workplaces, we also want to spend some time on lessons learned from 2020 and the extent to which telework will be a reasonable accommodation in 2021. Maybe, we’ll peer into our crystal ball and conjure up some other employment law predictions.

Or, maybe, we’ll ask the Illuminati.

And I suppose that some of you want to hear about whether employers should require COVID-19 vaccinations. We’ll address that and take some of your questions as well.

So register here, and we’ll see you at noon.

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