Will I see you at EEOC EXCEL today? It should be EXCELLENT! (See what I did there?)


Source: https://eeotraining.eeoc.gov

Yep, it’s that time of year.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Training Institute is hosting its Examining Conflicts in Employment Laws (EXCEL) Training Conference in Washington, DC. 

The EEOC touts EXCEL as “the premier national training conference for federal and private sector EEO managers, supervisors, practitioners, HR professionals, attorneys and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) specialists.”

And is my honor to return to EXCEL to present a couple of sessions on today’s agenda. Up first will be “The No Puns All Facts Medical Marijuana Session You Won’t Want to Miss” followed by “The Deep Dive into Social Media in the Workplace,” which I will continue to update until my session starts in the afternoon.

If you’re at EXCEL, please bring donuts and coffee stop by and say hello.

If you can’t make, yeah, you know that I’ll share my slide decks. email me and I’ll reciprocate with either or both of those jawns. I got you.

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