#WhyIGotFired is way better than “an ugly mix of sexism, racism, and xenophobia”

It’s been getting downright vile around here at The Employer Handbook, dontchathink?

We started the week with a stalker. Later in the week, it was White Power. Maybe.

And, yesterday, I detailed some of the worst allegations of discrimination of 2018. The EEOC described it as “an ugly mix of sexism, racism, and xenophobia.”

Come on, now! Whatever happened to firing employees for hilarious (but legitimate) reasons like, well:

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If you need a laugh today, check out the full 5 minutes of Jimmy Fallon’s #WhyIGotFired segment from a recent episode of The Tonight Show.

And since I know that all of you fine readers of this blog are shining stars that have never been fired for cause, how about emailing me a #WhyIGotFired-worthy story of when you had to fire another knucklehead?

I’ll anonymize and publish the best ones next week.

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