Study reveals that job recruiters are least likely to select candidates that do WHAT on social media?

Obviously, probably, and definitely.

But, a recent survey didn’t cover any of these examples.

Survey methodology

Instead, researchers at Penn State University “recruited 436 hiring managers from a variety of organizations, 61% of whom were employed in the hospitality industry and the remainder in industries ranging from information technology to healthcare. The researchers gave participants a scenario to read depicting a hypothetical job candidate who answered interview questions well and exhibited enthusiasm, but also appeared to be prone to job hopping….Each of the participants was randomly assigned to view one of 16 different Facebook profiles showing either a male or female exhibiting self‐absorption or not, opinionatedness or not, and alcohol and drug use or not. After reading these profiles, the hiring managers evaluated the candidates’ employment suitability by providing an assessment of person-organization fit and an overall candidate evaluation.”

Survey says…

You can find a summary of the results here, and the full study here.

Researchers found job recruiters are more likely to pass on candidates that seem too self-involved or opinionated in their social media posts. Plus, recruiters generally frowned on anyone cut from the same cloth as Tommy Boy. However, booze and drugs (in moderation) were less of a red flag than a narcissistic candidate.

Me? I’d be less concerned about the quality of social media posts.

Clearly (see, e.g., The Employer Handbook blog).

Instead, I’m more interested in the quantity of a candidate’s social media use. For example, if I’m considering someone who tweets 20 times, with 7 Facebook status updates, and 2 Instagram posts on a weekday … all before lunch, then I have to wonder when this person is going to perform the tasks assigned to him.

What do you think?

For those who check candidate social media, what are your pet peeves? Similarly, what have you found that distinguished that candidate positively from someone else? Email me and let me know.

Hat tip to for first reporting on the survey here at HR Dive. And shout out to my favorite reader, Kathy from Boston. (Sorry Dad.) My blogging minions loved the cookie tin from MilkBar. You rock!

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