New Jersey poster lamination companies are now cursing under their breath



New Jersey made it easier for employers to comply with displaying official posters from the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights (DCR).

As of August 1, 2022, New Jersey employers have more ways to comply with posting requirements relating to the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (NJLAD) and Family Leave Act (NJFLA).

Specifically, DCR adopted new and amended regulations concerning the “Display of Official Posters of the Division on Civil Rights,” which require employers, housing providers, and places of public accommodation to prominently display “in places easily visible” to those who would be affected by violations of these laws.

Yes, you can continue to display the official employment posters where all employees and applicants can see them. Just make sure that they are at least 8½ by 11 inches and contain text that is fully legible and large enough to be easily read.

Each employer whom these laws cover must also provide each employee with a written copy of the official employment
poster both annually and upon the first request of an employee. You can do that via email or hard copy (like a paycheck insert, a flyer, or as part of onboarding)

But do you have an internet site or intranet site that employees can use, all employees can access, and where you customarily post employee notices? Then you can satisfy both requirements by posting the official posters there. Then, you can satisfy both requirements by posting the official posters there.

(Here is a flow chart to help you along.)

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