Guess which former child star just got fired for a homophobic Facebook post?

You have a one-in-six chance.

Proof that former child stars — even the youngest one in curls — are just like everyone else in the workplace when it comes to Facebook stupidity and a fast track to the unemployment line.

Over the weekend, my “‘Facebook’ and ‘Fired'” Google Alert struck gold with this link to Greg Hernandez’s report at Gay Star News. Here’s the scoop:

Brady Bunch actress Susan Olsen has been fired from LA Talk Radio for her using anti-gay slurs against a gay actor in a Facebook message made public.

The politically conservative Olsen, who played Cindy Brady on the classic sitcom, was incensed when out actor Leon Acord described as a ‘Trump fanatic’ and called for her to be fired from the radio show in Facebook post. He accused Olsen of spreading misinformation.

She sent him a private message calling him a ‘faggot’ more than once and a ‘pussy’ among other crude insults.

Acord screenshot the messages and made them public.

The station said in a statement on its Facebook page that it had ‘severed ties’ with Olsen but did not use her name in sharing the news.

Unfortunately, this election isn’t bringing out the best in some of our employees. Sometimes, you get a nominee for Racist of the Week who publicly spews intolerance. Other times, like the situation involving Ms. Olsen, another person gives unwanted publicity on social media to what was meant as a private — albeit, very disrespectful — rant.

Either way, when the fallout, you know, falls out on the employer — in this case LA Talk Radio — it’s not enough to brush it aside as an “off-the-clock” matter.

LA Talk Radio exists because of its talent, but also its listeners. Indeed, without listeners, it doesn’t matter how talented the, you know, talent may be. So, when the talent’s prejudice and bigotry becomes public via social media, listeners are going to, you know, hear about it and may begin to re-evaluate the talent. Therefore, LA Talk Radio had little choice but to control the dialogue and act — in this instance, to end Ms. Olsen’s employment.

Use this and any number of examples on this blog and elsewhere as a reminder of the employee’s and employer’s duties in our 24/7 social media world.


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