Employee posts “FIRE ME…Make my day…” on Facebook. And guess what?


And not even the Associate General Counsel at the National Labor Relations Board could save this employee.

In Tasker Healthcare Group, d/b/a Skinsmart Dermatology, the Charging Party — and nine other people (of whom seven were current employees) participated in a private group message on Facebook. During that sesh, the Charging Party started mouthing off about his employer, saying, “They [the Employer] are full of shit … They seem to be staying away from me, you know I don’t bite my [tongue] anymore, FUCK…FIRE ME….Make my day…”

Other than the Charging Party, no current employees took part in this portion of the conversation. Later that day, one of the silent employees showed the exchange to the employer.

And Harry Callahan promptly got his wish.

(h/t Sara Hutchins Jodka @ Employer Law Report)

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