A “too cute” employee, her boss’s ex-Playmate wife, and maybe some sex discrimination

Honestly, I generally try not to resort to clickbait ledes or trending terms like Donald Trump, Taylor Swift, Solar Eclipse, Game of Thrones finale spoilers, and leaked Apple iPhone 8 images, to increase web traffic. That’s beneath a professional ***fart*** blogger like me.

But, since you’re here, please form a single-file line. My servers can only handle so many of you at a time.

Thank you.

As I was saying, what could possibly be so interesting about a sex-discrimination lawsuit brought by a female plaintiff who alleges that she was fired because her boss’s wife, a former Playboy Playmate, might become jealous of the plaintiff because the plaintiff was too cute?

Does that somehow interest you?

Hey, stop Googling, already! Here’s the NY appellate court’s opinion and its two cents on the gender claim:


What about the jealous spouse? Being the crack reporter that I am, I’ve blogged about this one before. Ok, three times (1, 2, 3). Happy now? Either way, back then, it wasn’t gender discrimination to fire a woman because of a jealous spouse.

Different story in New York:


As for the employer takeaway, just remember that it takes two to click bait: one to bait and one to click.

So, take a good hard look in the mirror because you’re just as guilty as I am.


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