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Earlier this week, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provided additional information on religious objections to workplace vaccine requirements to its growing technical assistance manual. Thank you.

But, yesterday, one of the EEOC Commissioners emailed me the actual form that the EEOC uses to process religious accommodation requests.

THANK YOU! Continue reading


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Ever since a federal judge in Texas upheld a workplace COVID-19 vaccine mandate back in June, the consensus among judges and lawyers was that employers could require workers to get a COVID-19 shot as a condition of employment.

But, recently, the State of New York was accused of taking its vaccine mandate for hospital and nursing home staff to the next level. Continue reading


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Yesterday, my friend Jon Hyman blogged about fetal stem cells and vaccine-mandate religious exemptions.

TL;DR. Any employee that refused the Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccines because they contain aborted fetal cells is full of 💩. They don’t. Consequently, any religious exemption request that an employee may make on that basis is objectively wrong. Continue reading


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Several news outlets reported yesterday that a major airline that has already mandated employee vaccinations will begin placing employees on temporary unpaid leave if approved for a religious vaccine exemption. Continue reading

Hey, they can’t all be hip hop HR posts. But, you’ll be thanking me for helping to sleuth out what appears to be a big medical and religious  COVID-19 vaccination accommodation scam now percolating on the West Coast and coming soon to a city near you. Continue reading

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