Aloha NFL social-media policy…for one day. #ProBowl

The Associated Press reports here that the National Football League will suspend its social media policy for one day — Sunday — to allow players who are participating in the Pro Bowl to tweet during the game.


Under the current NFL policy, players, coaches and football operations personnel can use Twitter, Facebook and other social media up to 90 minutes before kickoff, and after the game following traditional media interviews.

During the Pro Bowl, however, the NFL will set up a computer on each sideline where players are encouraged to use Twitter (and the #ProBowl hashtag) to communicate with fans, teammates and even opponents during commercial breaks and when their offensive or defensive unit is not on the field. 49ers Pro Bowl tackle Joe Staley plans to #tweetlikeaboss.

Players will not be allowed to tweet using mobile devices during the game — hear that Joe Horn and Daunte Culpepper? — but, the players can, however, tweet from their phones before the game and at halftime. Denver Broncos tackle Ryan Clady is already using the #ProBowl hashtag to promote a Waikiki boat party. I hope the invites to the ’05 Vikings got lost in the mail.

Update: Here is a list of Pro Bowlers and their Twitter handles.


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