A Florida man allegedly lost his job because of his fake COVID-19 vaccination card side hustle


Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A real tell was that the fake cards supposedly included the caption, “F**k masks.”

Because mine doesn’t say that. ***flips it over*** Still no.

Selene San Felice, reporting here at Axios Tampa Bay, appears to have broken the news that a marketing and web design company announced that it had fired a man (seemingly within hours) after learning that a TikTok user exposed his video advertising a fake COVID-19 vaccine card business. The TikTok user deleted the video, although here it is reposted to Twitter.

In case you hadn’t heard, vaccine cards are fast becoming a big deal. Still, Ms. San Felice adds that local officials have not charged anyone with crimes related to forging vaccine cards.

If, however, the authorities were to intervene, it wouldn’t be the first time that they have taken affirmative measures against COVID-related fraud. Like that time someone tried to use PPP money on a Lamborghini Urus. Or the guy who pled guilty about lying to his employer that he had coronavirus.

The CDC continues to recommend that employees get vaccinated and wear face masks at work. Most states concur. Others have differing opinions, which extend to vaccine cards too. I’m sure that many of your employees are just as opinionated.

But, I draw a line at fake COVID cards.

Regardless of whether your company permits moonlighting, perhaps your business should also draw a line at marketing fake COVID-19 vaccination cards as a side business.




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