A CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program AMAZING SPECTACULAR here tomorrow! Today, it’s another NJ employment law.

I blinked last week to focus on FFCRA. And wouldn’t you know it, New Jersey passed more employment legislation. This time, it’s COVID-19 related.

But, before I focus on New Jersey and lose everyone else, I want to tell you about this CARES Act Paycheck Protection Program AMAZING SPECTACULAR!

(Words I never thought that I’d use for the rest of my entire life, like “Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl Champions.”)

I’ve been getting so many calls, emails, and LinkedIn messages (and new clients, thank you!) in connection with CARES/PPP that I think we need to spend some time exploring these new loan provisions in greater detail at The Employer Handbook.

Don’t you agree?

So, here’s what I’m cooking up for you. I’ve invited a bunch of my FisherBroyles partners that jumped both feet into that 880-page piece of legislation to join me later today to record a Zoom chat. I will moderate, and they will answer some of the PPP questions that people keep asking me.

And hey, if you have a hypothetical PPP question for a friend for which you’re not seeking legal advice — because we don’t do that hereemail me.

After we finish recording, I’ll post the video to The Employer Handbook YouTube Channel and link it in tomorrow’s blog post.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey.

Last week, Governor Murphy signed S2304 into law. Among other things, the new law permits employees to use earned sick leave if they can’t work due to several different COVID-19 scenarios, e.g., the Governor ordering the employer’s business closed.

S2304 also creates more coronavirus-related avenues to take leave under New Jersey’s Family Leave Act. Plus, it expands the State’s Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) and Family Leave Insurance (FLI) programs. Now, workers have greater access to paid leave benefits during public health emergencies, like when they take time off of work because they are diagnosed with or suspected of exposure to COVID-19. Ditto if they must care for a family member diagnosed with or suspected of exposure to COVID-19.

Finally, don’t forget.

The FFRCA takes effect today. Get that DOL poster up, have a policy ready, and call a lawyer if you need compliance help. Because messing this up could land your business (and you personally) in hot wage-and-hour water.

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