My wife is a first-ballot Hall of Famer!


Eric not pictured (probably off blogging somewhere)

And, I already ruined this post with a sports metaphor. Dammit!

Let me introduce you to my wife, Carly. I love her. Our kids love her. Olaf loves her. Goats love her. Not sure about this rooster, though.

When she’s not designing #1 Teacher displays (I was busy blogging), taking all four of kids to the Phillies game by herself (I was working late), or busy finding our youngest daughter’s sneakers after she decides to put them away at the shoe store (I was laughing at the Facebook photo), she letting me do all sorts of fun stuff…

Here’s me playing cards at a Bar Mitzvah. Here are the 40 presents she got me for my 40th birthday. Here’s me taking selfies in Las Vegas. And here’s me getting to sleep on a long car ride home. (Along with everyone else, except my wife).

People often ask me, “How do you have the time to be a lawyer, blogger, and father of four?”

Three hours of sleep, a steady diet of ram’s blood and iced animal crackers, and the unique ability to botch what was becoming a tender, heartfelt post.

Because I have an incredible wife. That’s why.

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