What’s new on the interwebs in HR and employment law?

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s Simpsons post. I had a blast writing it but, damn, it sapped the life out of me. So, after the jump, I’m sending you out into the blogosphere for your daily dose of employment law and HR news…

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Make sure to check out this post from Jon Hyman at the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog. He has created the ultimate manifesto: an Employer’s Bill of Rights.

Here’s yesterday’s Lawffice [Space] Links highlighting my Simpson’s post and Jon Hyman’s Bill of Rights. Trippy.

The EEOC has issued this press release on the impact that 9/11 had on religion-based discrimination charges involving Muslims.

A word of advice from Steve Bruce at HR Daily Advisor, “Don’t Follow HR Policies of ABC’s New ‘Pan Am’“. And, if you do, call me.

Kashmir Hill at Forbes writes about what prospective employers hope to see in your Facebook account: creativity, well-roundedness, & ‘chastity’. So much for Chaz Bono.

And while we’re on the topic of social media and the workplace, was Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian benched this past Sunday because of his recent Twitter troubles? My guess is that he was benched because he is horrible. But, Kevin Seifert at ESPN.com has the scoop.

Alright, it has nothing directly to do with either HR or employment law, but check out “‘Law & Order SVU’ star Ice-T tweets from jury duty” from Alicia Cruz at NewJerseyNewsroom.com. Let’s see. What did Ice-T wear to jury duty? Gold grill…check!

Come back to the blog tomorrow for a post on a piece of legislation currently pending that would provide for FMLA-style leave to mourn the loss of a pet.

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