That’s what he said: “Oktoberfest” & “No OT for you!”


Cool image, huh? I drawed it myself. The fact that I took the time to do that suggests that I am in no condition to blog intelligently. Plus, Pandora is on the fritz, so I am all sorts of pissy. Therefore, before I turn out the lights and lock the door at the office, how about some Slipknot — anger issues, Eric? — and “That’s what he said” after the jump…

* * *

Jason Rossiter at The Personnel Files reports here on yesterday’s Seventh Circuit decision in Jirak v. Abbott Laboratories, Inc. holding that pharmaceutical sales representatives are exempt pursuant to the administrative exemption. (Notably, the court did not address whether the outside sales exemption applied). No overtime for them…

And how about this tweet from Employer Law Report editor Brian Hall? Yesterday, the Sixth Circuit in Seeger v. Cincinnati Bell Telephone Company LLC found no FMLA liability where the employer fired an employee on FMLA leave after it honestly believed that it saw him at Oktoberfest during said leave. (That’s not the late hour talking, those are the actual facts of the case…). Were Sidney Crosby’s tears on draft?

And that, my friends, is an 11:41 PM blog post. I’m Audi 5000.

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